Technical Drawing & Product Design for KIA

KIA Motors Europe needed a new design proposal for the safety kit case located in the trunk of their cars. The deadline was short, so this case study explains how we completed our technical drawing on time. Follow us on instagram for useful design and marketing tips and to stay up to date with all the latest news.

Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing in Illustrator

An advantage of working with KIA and car manufacturers is receiving the design briefs with all the necessary specifications. So make sure you always gather the required information before working on a new project. This is important because it can avoid possible mistakes and delays.

The actual product size wasn’t too big, so we created this drawing in real size. However, if you’re working with bigger products or a large format artwork, we recommend to scale down the size proportionally.

Once our document size was ready we took pictures of an object with a similar shape from different angles. We picked the shot that best displayed the object in order to illustrate the product from a good perspective. Finally we used Illustrator’s perspective grid tool to match our image’s angle and drew our own product. This helpful hack also helped to use real lights and shadows as a reference. We think that specs with realistic illustrations are more intuitive and attractive.

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