Architecture Through a Multilingual Web

Arqus helped design and develop a multilingual web for a leading brand in architecture and interior design. Our services included design, content strategy and front and back end development. This showcase shows some of the main features we worked with.

We teamed up with our client’s marketing team located in different countries in order to successfully adapt the website’s content and user experience for each language and culture.

Web Design for Architecture

Web Design for Architecture

As an architect or interior designer your website is a great chance to make a good first impression. If potential clients like what they see, there are more chances they will stay on your website and learn more about your company. On the other hand, if first time visitors don’t like your website they probably won’t even come back. Therefore the quality of your website directly affects the success fo your business.

We kept the layout design clean and simple, because we wanted to focus all the attention on high quality images. For this reason and because of speed purposes, every image needed to be properly improved, compressed and optimized.

Multilingual Selector

One of our main tasks was to create a custom region selector. So we built a javascript application that suggests the best country and language version available based on the user’s location. Give it a try now! Just click the image below and confirm your region to enjoy the experience.

Multilingual Web Design

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